Finding, Making..

Have to say the best thing about craft fairs is the people you meet. When they find out you’re the ‘driftwood lady’ or ‘Mrs Drifting’ as a customer has started calling me (I like that wink emoticon they talk about their own findings, their favourite beaches, and I hear their stories. Which is what it’s all about, really. Pieces on their way to new homes – and really chuffed to meet a group of Indian tourists who all wanted their pic taken by my stand (they didn’t buy tho – but I didn’t mind!). They are hard work…and I’m not sure I’ll do many more as if you’re not careful you end up in a ‘production line’ trying to make enough stock. That’s not what ‘Project DownTime is about’. It’s all a learning, after all. xxx
12105879_1612892502309035_824674638838490350_n (1)
It was dark in here when I sat down to work three hours ago. I have no idea where the time went! BTW, this is tidy in my book xxx
The washing up needs doing, there’s a pile of ironing and I really need to give the bathroom the onceover. But instead I’m in here! xxx
Out delivering this morning – from misty murky Morley along the M62 into glorious sunshine, and a beautiful up-hill-down-dale drive to Authentic in Uppermill, followed by visit to Fabrication in Leeds city centre -which seems to have been taken over by Scotland and USA rugby fans!!


After an hour or so drilling, I think I’ve finally realised the virtue of ear defenders…. !



















10308123_1532332597031693_7807474476340884200_n  10363686_1532332783698341_6356194963957606488_n 10610581_1459988904266063_856232679518859067_n 10619949_1485447285053558_2184060546673644731_o 10991143_1532332853698334_5472239064151727020_n 10996385_1532332493698370_3079191043947914916_n 11102655_1548439052087714_3316089836022984182_n unnamed


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