Wall Hangings

Three wall hangings on their way to Fabrication . Interpret them as you will ;-). Gorgeous pieces of driftwood; seaglass gems from fabulous Seaham beach – multi-coloured remnants from a former glass factory, tumbled in the surf for more than 100 years; and beautful smooth black pebbles from Whitby. Xxxxx


Been having a bit of an experiment (and fun) with some reclaimed wood, driftwood and an old picture frame. I’ve named it Rainbow Street. It’s a place where the houses are as colourful as the birds…or the other way round 😉


15358_1450608265204127_3641110574351947906_n (1)   90504c74282b1ec8492bd6696dbd4dc6 1527109_1482265865371700_5875223044082378424_n    1601249_1464094610522159_2632235065399357410_n 1610871_1522679454663674_8370298700873142046_n   10257112_1447117378886549_7640322534694936580_n   10350333_1478536549077965_7767759491432678915_n 10354877_1496938000571153_3474407794318635737_n (1)   10356699_1431638413767779_1386833817560820581_n 10365998_1450886421842978_7591588810889031987_n   10367686_1431478257117128_3265766814461210600_n 10419056_1477234482541505_577547962933804526_n   10422372_1509984965933123_3264711434951464259_n                                          10462993_1435241416740812_5746359540048301736_n   10482856_1436262556638698_5847590277329730902_n 10489803_1440920292839591_6927277189437992161_n   10502449_1447115802220040_8907250287692886874_n   10514520_1447119548886332_2745283722391872629_n 10527775_1447402122191408_1225082172718770857_n   10553446_1445133875751566_2032543387742833802_n 10557240_1471812836417003_1520337720011568280_n   10576911_1451747281756892_4065812125240832244_n 10603665_1508997102698576_5169676412416721045_n   64614401b3f18137c5c8bf461080e338


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