Sailing Boats…

Freya – a little sailboat named for the Nordic goddess of springtime and flowers…



Finished this morning. ‘Windflower’, to be blown wherever the breeze takes her. Her first port of call will be Fabrication this weekend wink emoticon. Bon voyage little ship…. Xxxx


There’s more than one way to say it with flowers. Welcome Maia, named for Goddess of Spring, rebirth and the return of the warm rays of the sun. Just hearing her tinkling laugh as she bobs and sways simply lifts the heart. Bon voyage little ship.12742079_1650532105211741_6032773384150793512_n


A little fleet now safely harboured at Authentic … awaiting sailors and dreamers alike: Forget-Me-Not, Calypso, Flora, The Dusky Rose and sweet Bella.


Up in the chilly early morning sunshine finishing this little darling. She’s the sister ship of the Dusky Rose in my profile pic and was a commission from a customer at Multicraft Cabin. She has no name yet – that’s down to the little girl in whose bedroom she will begin her journey through life. A ship of dreams, I think wink emoticon The gorgeous fabric that makes her sails is by Sophie Allport Ltd. xxx


10612732_1598988860366066_8482883256482129871_n 11156178_1554627978135488_2105347268489792978_n5249cdd4006ac767dfb68a0bb4e84a17 1381597_1481115918820028_2134592068805084688_n 1510657_1499507646980855_9160708662381868454_n 1609747_1479420485656238_8173480537349102441_n 10385466_1444184422513178_8865793715640141650_n 10414625_1435131023418518_7465341999588389034_n 10417650_1483358731929080_4339940587691601915_n 10419973_1439164443015176_1912688556519789790_n 10422172_1438154766449477_5344726401113717431_n 10425188_1433772540221033_4628904919852294713_n 10565127_1452070945057859_3588481364263028864_n 10639391_1470705653194388_6770321448295051554_n 10645196_1465508810380739_8161176537065358135_n 10649701_1485447251720228_5825416724103595752_n 10653450_1468199326778354_3656621308963396536_n 10672303_1465829400348680_4418164233002725050_n 10711043_1474301062834847_2324065998126576445_n 10806353_1513757262222560_7177597988936160756_n 10882235_1507324996199120_8697579033512667519_n


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