Welcome to Drifting DownTime

Finding things, making things, starting something, never quite sure how it will end up.

I love driftwood: you see it on the beach and it makes you think. And you pick it up, dust it off, turn it this way and that; lay it out to dry for 2-3 weeks, glancing at it every now and then, studying it, watching as it changes weight, colour, shape, sometimes.

And then…there’s a little shifting of something…..and when you put it down, it’s not back with the other pieces, but on the table, ready…

You can find my pieces – made from driftwood, reclaimed wood and sea pottery, sea glass – and other beach findings – for sale in Leeds city centre at Fabrication, St John’s Shopping Centre, Leeds, and in the beautiful Bronte village in Haworth ay Number 71, 71 Main Street. I also have an online shop with Etsy (see the link in the contacts section).

I am delighted to accept commissions too. The love isn’t only in the making, but in the sending things on their way anew….

Thank you for looking.

Nicola xxx



4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Carolyn clark

    Have been looking for something special to hang on a long sterling silver chain, found it today in Leeds! A beachcomber Aqua sesglass pendant! Would preferred it to have been just the pendant and in sterling silver rather than silver plated with a chain but I love it just the same thank you


    1. Hi Carolyn. Thank you so much for getting on touch, I so appreciate it. In truth, I have considered using sterling silver chains but I’m so conscious of having to increase the overall cost as a result; but it is something I still might do. I do hope you love the pendant – the aqua coloured glass is the most evocative and reminiscent of the sea, I think. Thank you xxx


  2. Hi,
    We own a gallery in Haworth (home of the bronte sisters) and would be very interested in s Klingon your work!
    Would you be happy to supply us on an exclusive basis within a 2 mile radius of the village?
    If so, please send us a trade catalogue, price list & t&c & we will go from there
    Kind regards
    Number 71


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